The NSW Government has announced that once vaccination levels against Covid-19 across the State have reached 70% Clubs will be allowed to re-open from the Monday following that target being reached. This is expected to be Monday 11th October 2021.

Our understanding of the pending Public Health Orders and the advice issued on 3rd October is that only staff that have had at least one vaccination and have booked a second will be able to work in the Club once opened and only fully (double) vaccinated or medically exempt patrons will be permitted entry to the Club’s premises.

Whilst our Club staff vaccination situation provides for a Monday 11/10 opening we have reviewed our trading days/hours in line with forecast reduced patronage, initial limited staff numbers, the need for patron vaxx monitoring & costs V/s revenue factors.

Accordingly, we will be re-opening on Tuesday 12th October 2021 at 11am.

Our revised trading hours will then be Tuesday to Sunday (closed Mondays) from 11am daily to normal closing times. Special arrangements will be made to accommodate earlier morning entry for Bowlers. The “Hungry Cook”   won’t be in a position to open on the 13th October but will be open for lunch and dinner services from Wednesday to Sunday as from Wednesday 20th October 2021.

We will review these trading days/hours in late November 2021 for possible changes in line with the Governments “road map” for major relaxing of Covid restrictions as from 1st December 2021.

Please also note that pre lockdown requirements for wearing of masks, social distancing, seated drinking, QR sign in ,venue capacity etc. will apply on re-opening.

Please know & be assured that we will be following all rules & regulations as per the NSW Government and Public Health Order advice to ensure the health and safety of our patrons, staff, suppliers, contractors and the entire local community.

There are sure to be issues to overcome on the journey ahead but we all look forward to the doors opening up and the associated activity from Tuesday 12th October !

Ian Taylor    Sec/Mgr

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Jesmond Bowlo.


How can I prove I’m fully vaccinated ?

You can prove you are fully vaccinated through your;

  • COVID-19 digital certificate
  • Immunisation history statement

Where can I access my proof of vaccination ?

You can access your proof of vaccination (Covid-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement) using:

  • Your Medicare online account through myGov
  • The Express Plus Medicare mobile app, which also gives you the option of adding your digital certificate to an Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Can I come to the Club if I’ve only had one vaccine dose ?

The NSW Government has announced that only people who have received both doses of the vaccine can come to the Club after NSW reaches the 70% double-dose milestone.

How can I get proof in hard copy ?

You can ask your vaccination provider to print your immunisation history statement.

You can print a copy from your myGov portal once you have linked your Medicare details.

You can also call the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 and ask them to send your statement to you. It can take up to 14 days to arrive in the post.

What if I can’t get vaccinated ?

Subject to the legislation which mandates vaccinations, people who can’t be vaccinated may be permitted to enter the Club if they obtain a “contraindictation certificate” in the approved form. Please consult your medical practitioner fur further information. It is likely that the Club will only be able to accept a medical exemption in the approved form.

How can I prove to the club that I’m fully vaccinated or medically exempt ?

You can show our staff proof of vaccination:

  • Open your Express Plus Medicare mobile app, click “immunisation history” and then click “View COVID-19 digital certificate”
  • Access your COVID-19 digital certificate in your Apple Wallet of Google Pay
  • Present a hard copy of your immunisation history statement
  • Present a hard copy of a medical exemption (contraindication certificate) in the approved form completed by a medical practioner.

Please have any of this information ready to produce before entering the Club.

How will the Club know proof of vaccine or medical exemption is authentic ?

At club discretion, staff may attempt to verify that your “proof of vaccine” is authentic. We remind you that it is a federal offence to falsify this information.

What happens if I refuse to produce proof of vaccination and insist on being allowed entry to Club premises ?

Please remember that staff and rostered volunteers have not been involved in the production of the various rules and regulations but in the interest of community safety have been charged with promoting and enforcing them. Please afford them the respect and appreciation this deserves. Note also that in the event  an uncomfortable or potentially aggressive situation develops the NSW Government has encouraged and supports staff to immediately contact local police to attend the premises to assist. It should also be noted that heavy fines can apply in these circumstances.

Where can I find more information ?

Further information on accessing and proving your vaccination status can be found on the Services Australia website and the NSW Government website.

We hope this information has been of help and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Ian Taylor Sec/Mgr

Jesmond Bowlo

1st October 2021